Lessons of Local Color


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

The world of art knows no bounds. In all reality, everything is artistic; all of life is an expression of the creative force that binds us together. It is through the many mediums of art that we find the soul of the world expressed in numerous forms.

We find this expression in visual art, in those paintings, sculptures and images that draw out emotion and thought. We find it as we dance, as our bodies vibrate in movement with drums and music. We find it in writing, reading the words of a fine poet, or immersing ourselves in the world of fiction and imagination. Often for me, I find it on the stage, or on the screen through the characters that actors portray, in stories that speak to the heart and burn my eyes with tears.

Recently I watched a movie titled “Local Color.” This was listed as an indie film and produced over a decade ago. I hadn’t heard of it until recently. And, in my opinion, all artists should check it out.

The story is simple. It is about finding yourself and following your heart at all costs, no matter what people say, no matter what obstacles you face and no matter how much self-doubt, pain, guilt or anguish that you might carry.

It is the story of movement and change. Understanding how the world can break you, but make you. It illustrates the passion to create beautiful things even in these dark moments, and in those made of light.

It is the story of understanding life.

In artistic terms, local color refers to “the natural color of a thing in ordinary daylight, uninfluenced by the proximity of other colors.”

This definition can easily be attributed to a person. i.e., Standing as a singularity, perfect in our own light, uninfluenced by the proximity of other things.

Be local in your own color. Be yourself, and always be free.