10559818_10204681918670991_7369615624029695251_nHello, and welcome to Artful Words.

This is the place where I could refer to myself in the third person and talk about how awesome I am or whatever, but that’s not my style. Besides, you’re all smarter than that anyway. Instead, I’d like to tell you about ME.

My focus is on the here and now, the arts and the passions that drive us all mad. I’m only here to help inspire, create and move others to live their dreams and passions as I’ve been able to do.

A little about me:

I’m a writer and an artist. I maintain a living as an artist and as a copywriter for other winsome creatives, like minds and holistic health professionals. I’ve lived all over the United States but currently reside in the gulf south where I feel the most at home. Aside from writing and creating artwork, I’m a lover of the outdoors, spiritual philosophy and anything that inspires my heart.

Every business has a story already written. My job is to breathe life into that story for you. So, if you’re here for creative needs such as copywriting work for your blog or website, refer to my contact page if you’d like me to send samples, or if you have any other inquiries.

I hope you all enjoy. Best wishes, and feel free to contact me anytime, even if it’s just to say hello. 🙂