Charmed Chaos


“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I’ve always been told that art needs to be comprehensible, that people should be able to understand it. But really, if you look at the variety of artwork in the world, not just contemporary art, but at all art over generations of time, much of it is not comprehensible. I’d say that either way, it is all interpret-able, maybe.

When I first started painting, and even back when I was drawing, doodling and sketching at a young age, I recall never having a goal. I never had a particular aim other than to just create something appealing to the eye. I never knew where to start and I didn’t know when I would be done. I just began and allowed the pencil or the brush to take me into another world.

I believe that this is truly what art is about. This is about transporting the viewer into another world, another frame of mind, or into a part of reality that had yet been seen.

Art loves chaos. And in many ways, art is a charmed chaos, or, a divinely orchestrated chaos. It takes the chaos of the mind and transforms it into a view-able frame. This allows a window into our crashing thoughts, to the tormented soul, and into the uplifted heart. It is a beacon for the human spirit and a marker for culture.

Once in every great while, I allow the freedom of the brush to take hold. I simply let go and let the moment become part of reality. It is emotion, thought and muse. It unfolds as the brush touches canvas. It simply is. It wills itself into existence by taking my hand and working on its own.

Everything wants to live. Even Art.

The piece above began as a blank canvas. I had no picture in mind, no goal, no conclusion to my work. I just began, and it became. I still don’t know what exactly it is, or why it is, but nevertheless, it is.

I believe we should all let loose the brush, and lose our inhibitions once in a while. While I create many structured and sensible pieces, the work that I allow to live without sanction is where my heart resides.Sometimes it is dark, sometimes it is light, but in the end, I believe that it is always a bit of both.

Maybe it can be interpreted, maybe it can’t…

But really, that’s not the point.