The New


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.” ~ T.S. Elliot

Goals are fun to set, especially during the first days of the New Year. We see it all over. People buy new things, healthy things; things that help one quit smoking or things that count steps and monitor heart-rates, things that uplift and empower and things that inspire a healthy body and mind. For some reason, the New Year, this random day is as symbolic as the first day of spring, ushering in renewal, rejuvenation and revival.

The gym becomes full, at least for the first month. The walking track gets crowded and the hiking trails become a bit more traveled. Running shoes go out of stock as do most organic health foods. It is truly the time for change. It is truly the time for self-awareness.

As our lives often beg for revival, renewal and positive change, so does our creative spirit.

I’ve recently learned a small but profound truth in regards to art myself. Our soul must express, and not just in one form, or in one particular medium. We can have style, but our style must be challenged for it to grow holistically. A catharsis must be allowed over a wide range of mediums, not to remain stagnant in one form of expression alone.

This year my goal, resolution if you will, includes branching outward into foreign mediums, new stylistic theory and exploring that which I’ve yet to. The painting above is a template for a new form of abstract figure study that I’m working on. Through this form, through this challenge, I choose to search for a truth I’ve yet to discover, as it is with all art.

For those not acquainted with the mind of an artist, this is both exciting and scary. It is new ground, not traveled. It might be awkward in execution, horrible in presentation and unaccepted by critics and peers. At the same time, it might be wonderful, powerful and spark the desire for more. It can be all these things and more.

It is new, and in being new, it is free. This is how art is born, and this is how art lives.

I challenge all to explore the unknown this year, in both mind and spirit. Let this freedom of the foreign take your heart and mind into new places, new thoughts and new dreams. Dare to be inspired by the unknown, by the unseen.

Read a novel that you would otherwise pass over. Open a journal and write a story if you haven’t ever tried. Paint with oils instead of acrylic, use wood instead of canvas. Carve instead of chisel. Choose to experience life with the brightness of new eyes.

Believe that this is the day where all things begin anew, and it will be.

Happy New Year