Why Even Bother?


Artists and writers are often asked a version of this question. What makes us do it? What drives us to create? Why even bother?

It’s a calling, it’s a lifestyle and it’s a choice. It’s something we enjoy and it’s something that we hope others enjoy as well. To create is to live. We are all born, we are all created. We are all creative spirits by birth, a product of divine creation. It is in emulating this creative birth that we find our art, our writing and our path.

We draw stick figures as children. These figures grow into cartoonish characters with disproportionate features. Later they become comic book characters. Eventually the simple stick figure becomes an abstract design powered by the force of emotion, or a work of photorealism that captures a perfect moment with paint, pencil or charcoal. It grows and it becomes, as we all do.

I write for the simple reason to bring notice to the brilliant nuances and subtle struggles around me. These are the things that go unnoticed so often, overlooked by the masses that are oblivious to their intimate world.

I create art because I can, because I want to. Because it’s a time of peace, introspection and reflection. I do this because I’m inspired, because I’m alive and I love the world around me. If I can give back to the world in any way, it is to make someone smile, to make someone think and to make others happy through art and through words.

These are the things that move me. These are the passions that I live and breathe. Without passion for life what do we have?

So, why even bother?